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A Field Guide to American Spacecraft would not be complete without the help of many individuals who provided assistance, information, images, graphics, pictures, and support. Thanks to all of you! -- Jim Gerard

Peter Alway -- For providing a great list of aerospace museums and their collections

Stewart W. Bailey -- Executive Director at the Michigan Space & Science Center for pictures of the spacecraft there.

Steve Belanger -- For finding the Apollo 4 capsule and providing images of it.

John B. Charles -- For info and corrections on Apollo Spacecraft and help in identifying spacecraft at Johnson Space Center, and lots of great photos!

Chuck Corway -- For the inspiration and template to begin creation of the Field Guide.

David M. DeFelice -- From Lewis Research Center for info of the Skylab 2 CM there.

Ed Dempsey -- For image of SL-4 and tips on the  Apollo BP at the UDT-Seal Museum

John Duncan -- For a great space site and some great info on Apollo capsule construction.

Karl D. Dodenhoff -- For a great website ( http://www.interaxs.net/pub/spacey ) and some clarifications.

Jim Early - For pictures from the Columbus area and the Michigan Space and Science Center.

Dave Edwards -- For info on boilerplates at the Garber Facility and som Air & Space Museum updates.

Ken Elchert -- From Boeing North American Space Division for some great Apollo leads including the Chino and Lancaster, Cal. BPs.

Jeff Foust -- Several images came from Jeff's Space Museum Page.

Bob Gerard -- My baby brother, for reminding me of the Great America Orbiter model and picture of same.

Paul Harris -- For information on the Apollo Boiler plate at the Barringer Meteor Crater.

Larry Klaes -- For leads to the Museum of Science in Boston and a lot of great links! New- his Project Gemini Web Site!

Raye Klopfenstein -- For locating the Apollo Egress Trainer at the Detroit Science Center and his Mercury model.

Sven Knudson -- For allowing me to use his images from Ninfinger Productions. (Lots and lots of images!)

Daniel Kurtz -- For info on the Apollo Boilerplate at the Cernan Space Center.

Kevin Lane-Cummings -- For info on the Gemini mockup at the Pacific Science Center.

Rebecca Looney -- Of the Cradle of Aviation Museum, for info on their spacecraft.

Larry Mock -- For info on the spacecraft at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center

Allen Needell -- From National Air & Space Museum, for info on the artifacts there and the Virginia Air and Space Museum.

Jeff Ollenburger -- Marketing Coordinator at the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center, for info on the new addition at the Cosmosphere.

Bruce Sebring -- For the lead to the McDonnel-Douglas Prologue Room and their spacecraft.

Mike Smithwick -- For leads on the Japanese LM and stuff that was scrapped.

Glen Swanson -- Editor of QUEST Magazine, for a great magazine and info on the Apollo 1 capsule and the Apollo BP at the Houston Astrodome.

David Temple -- For info on capsules at the Pate Museum of Transportation and Johnson Space Center.

Robert vanGiessen -- For info and images of the Apollo CM in Moscow.

Robert Warshavski -- For info on the BP at Apollo Middle School (How'd you like to see that every morning at school!)

Kathy Watson -- From Langley Research Center for info on the artifacts there and the Virginia Air and Space Museum.

David Weeks -- For providing many images including Gemini 3 and Gemini XI

Keith Wilson -- From the UK for inormation on spacecraft there and helping to solve the riddle of the Franklin Institute LM!

Frank Winter -- Curator of Rocketry at the National Air & Space Museum, for his History Brief on the KSC Saturn V.

Daniel Wright -- For his Apollo 6 Home Page and letting me link to images there.

Amanda Young -- Collections Manager at the National Air & Space Museum, for the list of Spacecraft locations that began the Field Guide.



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